As Pet Parents, our focus is on the health, wellness and happiness of our Fury Family. We want them to be living their best & longest life. Our BFFs rely on our choices for their food - their health is, quite literally, in our hands so it's vital that we make informed choices. The link between nutrition and health is undeniable and fresh, so we have made your choice easy.


At The Paw Grocer, we want to keep things simple. With a quick glance at the pack, you'll know exactly what your fur baby will be enjoying.  All of our protein treats are sourced and freeze dried in the pristine Tasmanian country side.  Simply put, the treats are human grade, natural and functional. Our treats are entirely free of any other ingredients. NO FILLERS, GRAIN OR GLUTEN, NO FLAVOURS OR COLOURS, NO PRESERVATIVES. Just salmon, beef, lamb... you get the idea 😉 

Did you know that Tasmania is widely thought to have the cleanest air in the world?  The lack of pollution is due to the position of Tassie in the Southern Ocean, far from other land masses.  That is where we choose to source and freeze dry our products.  To put it simply, freeze drying is the removal of moisture whilst the product is in a frozen state and under vacuum.  This gentle process locks in goodness and flavour, but most importantly, it protects the volatile antioxidants and vitamins and thereby maintains the nutritional integrity 


In removing the water, the food loses between 80 & 90% of its weight, so the food is very dense in nutrients.  Not only that, it's super convenient as it's very light-weight (perfect for travel), has a minimum shelf life of two years, and can be rehydrated with warm water.  What more could we want?