Here in Victoria, we've had some cold weather, and it's only May! If pet parents are feeling the cold, then there's no doubt that our precious fur babies are also feeling it. So, what can we do to keep our fluffy friends fit and well during the coming months?

  • a good place to start is to make sure they have a warm and cosy bed. Remember, that if their bed sits directly on floorboards or tiles, it's possible that the bed isn't actually providing the warmth they need. An inexpensive option is to place a thick wad of newspaper underneath their bed, but if possible, make sure that the bed has a thick base and add a fluffy rug for them to snuggle in to. It's also important to make sure that their bed isn't in a drafty spot.

  • not all furry friends spend their days inside, on the couch by a heater, so in that case it's imperative to make sure your pet has access to shelter out of the rain and wind. Again, a comfy and warm place to rest is absolutely necessary.

  • as you're putting on your thick winter coat, spare a thought for your best mate. There are so many options for coats for your fur babies, and they don't need to be expensive. Take a look at the ranges at pet specialty stores or your local K-Mart. Make sure you keep them clean with regular washing. If you live somewhere that receives snow and frost, there are all sorts of booty options as well. Be particularly mindful to keep them warm after they've had a groom!

  • our fur babies can benefit from an increase in healthy calories during the winter months. If your pet spends its time outside, it may need as much as 30% more calories when it's cold. Quality proteins are ideal to keep them healthy. Older pets can feel a bit creaky in the cold weather, and Omega fatty acids in our salmon belly may assist to relieve this. Omegas are also great for skin, which may become chapped in cold weather. Our beef and lamb treats are full of Vitamin Bs, which assist with red blood cell regeneration, brain function and promote a healthy appetite. A lack of B vitamins are also thought to contribute to feeling low in energy and even seasonal depression, which can affect dogs (who knew?). Our furry friends don't function well with heavily processed carbs - and don't need them! - so choose low fat, high protein treats. If they fancy something chewy, try our chicken wing tips or chicken necks.

  • if, on the other hand, you're all rugged up together on the couch, you might find they put on some winter weight. Again, just keep an eye on their diet and be careful with treating your friend to anything that's high in empty calories. The Paw Grocer treats are functional, so while they're delicious they're also giving your fur babies a range of nutrients that may assist with keeping them happy & healthy.

  • providing fresh water each and every day should be a given. Don't assume that because it's not hot, your bestie doesn't need water. For those living inside, heating can be dehydrating, and for the outdoor dwellers it's important to check the water in their bowl hasn't frozen over.

  • keep up the exercise. It's natural to want to stay cosy inside all day when it's cold outside, but we ALL benefit from a brisk walk. Again, make sure they're appropriately covered with a waterproof jacket or coat if they're susceptible to the cold.

  • Regular visits to the groomer will keep your fur friends feeling good. A knotty coat isn't comfortable, but ask your groomer not to go too short in the colder months. A wash and tidy is all that's required, and keep the brush handy!

  • Last but definitely not least, CUDDLE your fur baby. It lifts our moods (and theirs), and is the very best way to stay warm!

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