When to treat your furry friend

Although we wish we could have scrumptious TPG treats all day every day, too much of a good thing still isn’t great. The Paw Grocer treats should be exactly that - special treats to be given on occasion.

Treat your furry friend when they're calm.

I get a little excited sometimes when I see a TPG packet. I used to start jumping up and down (I call it my happy dance) and sometimes I’d let out some barks just to let my pawrent know I’m ready and waiting for my treat.

Jenny, my pawrent used treats as a way to train me and I now know that I get those delicious treats when I’m being a calm doggo. If I want a treat, I have to calm down and listen to my pawrent first.

Make sure to not treat your dogs when they're misbehaving, they’ll think they are being rewarded for this behavior. Treat when training

Our pawrent taught me and Daisy everything we know using TPG treats. Start with ‘sit” and “lie-down’ and before you know it, your furry friend will be a pro at all sorts of tricks.

Don’t treat during mealtime

As much as I love TPG treats, I also adore my doggo dinners. I know I need the nutrition from that sort of food aswell.

Make sure the treats are nowhere to be seen (or smelled!) during mealtime so your doggo can focus on their dinner.

Treating Cats

The Paw Grocer is for our feline friends too. You can train cats to do tricks with treats (although in my personal opinion, I think we dogs are a bit more obedient). Treating your cat is a great way to reward good behavior or to apologise, like right after giving them a manicure.

Obviously, I would like treats all day every day, but the responsible thing to do is to treat your furry friend at the right time!

Remember when it comes to talking about your furry friend’s diet, the vet knows best.

Licks and Cuddles,

Charlie (TPG’s Assistant Taste Tester)

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