Aside from the unconditional love dogs and cats give, research shows that living with pets offers real benefits to your health. From lessening anxiety & depression symptoms by easing loneliness; boosting immunity; improving cardiovascular health by encouraging gentle exercise and playfulness; and providing companionship for older people - the evidence is clear, having a pet can help you live a happier, fuller, and healthier life.  Don't you think they deserve the very best in return?


At The Paw Grocer, we want to keep things simple. With a quick glance at the pack, you'll know exactly what your fur baby will be enjoying.  All of our protein treats are sourced and freeze dried in the pristine Tasmanian country side.  Simply put, the treats are human grade, natural and functional. Our treats are entirely free of any other ingredients. NO FILLERS, GRAIN OR GLUTEN, NO FLAVOURS OR COLOURS, NO PRESERVATIVES. Just salmon, beef, lamb... you get the idea 😉 

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